Hard water causes unpleasant effects in residential applications


Scale buildup in plumbing pipes and fixtures reducing life and water pressure 

 Scale and soap scum build up in sinks and tubs

Scale buildup in water heater reducing life and  efficiency especially in tankless heaters 

Spotting of glasses and silverware 

Scale buildup in watered appliances such as washing machine, dishwasher, coffee pot, etc

Increased soap usage in laundry 

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Water Softeners

Traditional water softening is by far the most widely used water treatment from hard water since it eliminates these unwanted hard water effects. However, water softening equipment is expensive, takes up space, requires salt and requires and electrical and drain hook up. HydroBlend​® offers an inexpensive and effective alternative to water softening.

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Well Water

Well water containing iron and manganese cause staining of fixtures, sinks, toilets, & tubs. As long as the iron is in solution, HydroBlend® will help control iron & manganese staining.

Since HydroBlend® will not remove iron and manganese from the water supply, only lessen staining, the water may still have a metallic taste. If complete removal of iron & manganese is desired, and water softening is the chosen method of removal,   HydroBlend ® should be used prior to the softener in order to protect it from iron fouling.

Do not use HydroBlend® in front of oxidizing filters (greensand, pyrolox, birm) as it will interfere with the oxidation/filtration process. In many well and municipally treated water, corrosion of the plumbing pipes and fixtures is a problem. This is caused by a variety of factors, mostly due to low pH or “acidic water” conditions.

HydroBlend® effectively provides corrosion control in low pH applications especially when combined with standard calcite systems (acid Neutralizers). This depends on water chemistry and application. A complete water analysis is recommended before application to ensure effectiveness. Contact SFES to discuss specific applications.

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Residential Systems

Like water softeners, HydroBlend​® will prevent the unwanted effects caused by hard water by not allowing hard water to “act hard” without the need of salt, excess space, electrical or drain requirements. In certain areas of the U.S. (mainly California), laws are in place restricting the use of water softeners since most waste hundreds of gallons per month during regeneration.

The SC-605 and the PF-10 SSEXT are the most widely used residential models.  

Both will treat roughly 40,000 gallons of water which will last an average family 12 months before the cartridge needs replacement. When ordering, please identify the type of treatment desired. Scale (HW) or Corrosion (CW). The main difference between the two systems is the SC-605 is shorter and uses a pass-thru feed head while the PF-10 SS-EXT fits in a standard prefilter head.

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Tankless Water Heater

Up until recent times, the primary choice for consumers have been the standard tank style water heaters. Compared to tankless water heaters, standard tank style heaters are much less efficient in the heating of water. 

There is one advantage tank style water heaters have over the relatively new tankless technology, that is their ability to continue providing hot water in high water hardness conditions. 

Tankless water heaters provide instantaneous heating of water and even a moderate amount of scale build up on heat transfer surfaces can greatly diminish their efficiency thus requiring frequent deliming service in hard water applications. However, SFES Tankless Water Heater Systems can prevent scale buildup keeping your tankless heater running efficiently.

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