Reverse Osmosis (RO) is the process by which most if not all dissolved minerals are removed from the water by filtering it through special membranes designed to reject most water impurities.

CookSpec RO systems are specifically designed to meet the needs of boiler and boiler-less cooking equipment where both mineral scale deposits and equipment corrosion are a concern. 

CookSpec RO Systems Features

  • Clean cabinet design: either wall mounted or stand alone with “plug and play” bulkhead connections
  • Small space requirements facilitating placement and installation
  • Non-electric (electric booster optional) operation allowing for more flexibility of placement
  • Integrated TDS Meter for system performance checks
  • High Volume RO water production
  • Integrated storage tank (RO-175NE)
  • Internal TDS Bleed Valve (RO-250 & 450NE)
  • Optional Internal Bypass System (RO-250 & 450NE)
  • Quick Disconnect Cartridges for ease of maintenance.


RO-175 NE​

The CookSpec RO-175 NE is specifically designed for low water demand applications such as flash steam (boilerless) combination ovens. The RO-175 NE incorporates a small product water storage tank capable of delivering roughly 32 ounces of on demand water. This RO is capable of producing 7.25 gallons of water per hour allowing the storage tank to refill in 2-3 minutes. If higher on demand water volumes are required, an external storage tank may be installed to accommodate water usage requirements.

Water Production: 175 gpd. / 7.25 gph.
Storage Tank: 0.5 Gallon / 0.27 Gallon draw down. If more water is required, a larger storage tank may be used inline with the equipment external from the RO-175 system.

RO-250 NE

The CookSpec RO-250 NE provides 10.25 gallons per hour of high quality water for both boiler based and boiler-less water treatment equipment including steamers, combination ovens, deck ovens, rack ovens and proofers. The system features an integrated TDS meter, TDS bleed valve, panel mounted pressure gauge and internal bypass valve system.

Water Production: 250 gpd. / 10.4 gph.
Storage Tank: 20 Gallon / 13 Gallon draw down

RO-450 NE 

Similar to the RO-250NE, the CookSpec RO-450 NE adds an additional membrane increasing high-quality water production to 18.75 gallons per hour.

Water Production: 450 gpd. / 18.75 gph.
Storage Tank: 20 Gallon / 13 Gallon draw down

Note: The above system performance parameters are based on water pressure at 60 psi. and water temperature at 60° F. Higher water pressure and water temperature will increase performance. Conversely, lower water pressure and temperature will decrease performance. If pressure exceeds 80psi, use a pressure regulator prior to the system avoiding possible damage to the product water storage tank. If pressure is below 40 psi, an external booster pump may be needed in order to produce the needed quantity of product water.

Draw Down = Total amount of water that can be used at one given time. If more on demand water is required, a larger storage tank may be used


Both the RO-250NE and RO-450NE systems require external product water storage tanks. The standard tank is a 20 gallon tank. The Draw Down of each tank listed below is with an incoming pressure of 60psi.

Model Tank Size Draw Down Diameter Height
ROST-14 14 Gal. 8.4 Gal. 16" 22"
ROST-20 20 Gal. 13.2 Gal. 16" 29"
ROST-32 32 Gal. 19.2 Gal. 21" 27.5"
ROST-40 TALL 40 Gal. 29 Gal. 16" 52"
ROST-44 44 Gal. 29 Gal. 21" 36.25"